About KLS...  


A group of bored friends, a couple of bottles, and a few thirsty palates is what originally started KLS. After numerous years of "Girl's Nights" and pre-outing drinks, we have finally decided to release our specialty drinks, novelties, toys, and more into the world. Come and enjoy the  warmth of a hug, the laughter of a joke, and the pure pleasures that we can offer... welcome to KLS! What Kinky Little Secrets do you have?!




For all of your pleasurable needs and kinky little secrets... come view our Little Black Satin Collection.

Come into our lab and see what potions we have concocted. We're sure that you will find something to tickle your tastebuds. Even if you're not a drinker, we beg to differ...

Open it to find out...

but... sshhhhhh!!!!  

It's not for everyone to know.


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